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90746 Pediatric Dentist

There are few events more exciting for new parents than witnessing their child’s many firsts. However, there are certain firsts which even most dutiful of parents can often miss. When it comes to your child’s health care, many of us will book a bevy of doctors’ appointments for vaccines and general vaccines, but often forget other necessary aspects of their child’s overall health care needs. Believe it or not oral health care can begin at birth, with a child’s first dental appointment occurring at about sixth months old. Our welcoming and knowledgeable team of childhood dental professionals at your local West Carson children’s dentist of the Children’s Dental Group can work with you to insure your son or daughter grows into a beautiful smile.

Pediatric Dental Care West Carson

Pediatric Dental Care West Carson

Parents can begin caring for a baby’s oral health by simply wiping the gums with a damp washcloth or a wet piece of gauze between feedings to keep plaque from building up on the surface of the gums. Children should be receiving their first dental appointment as soon as they grow their first tooth, usually at about six months of age. At this point the pedodontist of your trusted West Carson children’s dentist can assess the current state of their oral health and work with you to insure their growing smiles are properly care for with regular brushing and flossing appropriate for their age. Children should be seeing their dentist on a regular basis as recommended by your doctor in order for teeth to be properly cleaned and examined to prevent problems before they start.

The doctors of your West Carson children’s dentist can assist parents in advanced care methods that can stop cavities from ever occurring to your son or daughter. Fluoride rinses are essential in healthy mouths of all ages. This mineral has the unique ability to actually encourage the growth of the enamel, which is the hard outer layer of your teeth is often the first to be effected by tooth decay. Every child should be getting a healthy dose of fluoride, but it is important for parents to talk to their dentist before beginning any additional at home fluoride treatments, as too much can be harmful. Children’s teeth can also be protected through dental sealants, a clear coating applied in a completely painless manner over at-risk teeth to shield them from disease and decay for up to ten years.

Parents can prevent cavities from ever happening to their children by simply maintain regular visits to their local West Carson children’s dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the Children’s Dental Group make dental care both fun and educational by providing uniquely kid-friendly environment. A trip to the Children’s Dental Group is one your child will look forward, rather than fear, while receiving essential care for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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