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Pediatric Dentist Gardena

Pediatric Dentist Gardena

Our pediatric dentists with the Children’s Dental Group understands the concept of interceptive orthodontics and how important it is to be used in dentistry. Well-trained in the art of moving teeth, our doctors know that some of our young patients should not wait until they are 12 years old before being referred to an orthodontist. By age 12, many children’s teeth are already in a crowded position and are they are forced to have to go to full braces. Being more aware of this, our Gardena CA pediatric dentist, is able to refer our young patients to one of our orthodontists at a much earlier age.

Gardena CA Pedodontist

Gardena CA Pedodontist

As our Gardena CA pediatric dentist will explain, the entire concept of interceptive orthodontics is to stimulate ideal bone growth so that there is enough room for your child’s teeth to come through without being crowded. This can also include a diagnosis to have the tonsils or adenoids removed. Basically, interceptive orthodontics diagnoses a condition in our younger patients, approximately 5 to 10 years of age, where there is going to become an orthodontic problem. By detecting this potential problem, interceding appropriately, and taking proper steps to change the conditions in your child’s mouth, we guarantee that there will be enough room necessary for permanent teeth to come through and position themselves correctly, without the need for braces.

One type of interceptive orthodontic appliance sometimes used by our Gardena CA pediatric dentist is called a Nite-Guide. Only worn when your child sleeps, the Nite-Guide is a self-opening, pre-formed, appliance, designed for the arrangement of baby teeth, that allows erupting upper and lower adult front teeth to be guided in straight. This appliance holds these teeth straight while fibers grow around them and hold them correctly. The Nite-Guide is designed to correct overbite, crowding and some open bites. Combining modern technology with advanced education, our interceptive orthodontic specialists, have the needed knowledge to intercede and do what is necessary to either eliminate or reduce the need for braces once your child has lost all their baby teeth.

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