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Pediatric Braces in Carson

Carson Braces
Carson Braces

Today, interceptive orthodontic care is recommended for children who are developing orthodontic problems. It is recommended that children come in to see our orthodontist at Children’s Dental Group when they are about seven years old to see if they will benefit from any type of Carson braces.

When children need interceptive orthodontic care, treatment for phase one care occurs somewhere between the ages of seven and eleven. During this time, our orthodontist can provide different types of Carson braces and orthodontic appliances to influence the growth of the jaw to make sure that there will be room for all of the child’s permanent teeth when they are ready to erupt. Children who have interceptive orthodontic care generally need to have less involved dental care when they are in their teens. In addition, there usually is much less of a need for the child to have teeth extracted during phase 2 teen care. Our orthodontist can use removable appliances to move certain teeth, hold certain teeth in place, to influence the way the jaws grow, and to influence tooth eruption. These removable appliances can be used in conjunction with fixed appliances. Our orthodontist will talk to you about this process, and how interceptive orthodontic care will benefit your child. If baby teeth fall out prematurely, your child will most likely benefit from a space maintainer. The space maintainer will preserve the space for the tooth which is meant to erupt in this location. This is a primary function of baby teeth, and is one reason why it is so important that baby teeth are able to remain in your child’s mouth for as long as they are needed.

For an appointment to bring in your child to learn whether or not he or she will benefit from pediatric Carson braces, contact us today.

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