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Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Carson

Does your child suffer from dental anxiety or otherwise a medical condition that makes it difficult for your son or daughter to sit still for any amount of time at the dentist’s office? Kids can easily become nervous about visiting the dentist’s office, while others can simply suffer from a disorder which may make it impossible for them to receive oral health care without a little help. Fortunately, no matter what the needs of your child, parents can breathe easy knowing their son or daughter is not without hope, thanks to the sedation dentistry procedures available at your local Carson sedation dentist with the experts in young smiles at the Children’s Dental Group.

When it comes to dental anxiety, conscious sedation dentistry can be the perfect solution to soothe anxieties for an easy and expedited trip to your trusted Carson sedation dentist. This level sedation, known as nitrous oxide or laughing gas, is available to children who are at least six years or older. Conscious sedation can be accomplished through an oral form, or a method of inhalation through the use of laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is often the preferred choice of sedation for parents and children alike, as the effects works to induce a calm and lucid state that wears off almost immediately once the procedure is complete. With conscious sedation, parents can rest easy knowing their child’s procedure will go smoothly.

If your child suffers from difficulties that make it impossible for them to sit still for any period of time, be it a medical condition which causes constant movement or even a behavior problem that can cause a child to become unable to cooperate well enough for oral health care, IV sedation can be the solution to beautiful smiles without the struggle. Intravenous sedation is carefully monitored and easily controlled by the dental anesthesiologist of your professional Carson sedation dentist to insure a perfect level at all times. IV sedation can also work to allow children who suffer from a strong or otherwise hyperactive gag reflex from interfering in the oral health care your son or daughter needs in order to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

No matter what your child’s unique needs are, parents can always be certain to find the specialized care young smiles need at their neighborhood Carson sedation dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the Children’s Dental Group are the specialists which parents need for the unique oral health and personal problems young patients often face when it comes to regular visits to the dentist. With our uniquely kid-friendly offices and state of art sedation techniques, kids can always find the care their anxieties and smiles need with the Children’s Dental Group.

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