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Has your son or daughter begun to suffer from an increasingly painful toothache that has grown from a minor annoyance to a terribly painful disturbance in their young lives? Often parents are likely to believe that these aches are the cause of the simple yet inevitable process of young teeth falling out or adult teeth beginning to erupt into their mouths, but the truth is that permanent teeth should not be terrible painful, and nor should the loss of baby teeth. A toothache of any amount of pain, be it mild or an intense agony, requires a visit to your local children’s dentist in Carson. Toothaches are the very first signs of a serious problem that is beginning to cause harm to your child’s smile. For advanced care that is truly devoted to the health of growing smiles, parents should book their child’s appointment with the Children’s Dental Group.

90746 Pediatric Dentist
90746 Pediatric Dentist

While it may be a difficult concept for both children and parents to understand, primary teeth are just as important to your child’s oral health as the adult teeth they will grow into later in life. This is due to the fact that the health and growth of primary teeth is a process directly correlated to that of the permanent teeth which will one day replace them. Primary teeth which are lost too soon can result in malformed or improperly place permanent teeth that will require additional care to fix. Teeth can be lost too soon fairly often in young children, as the diets which kids enjoy and their weakened baby teeth makes them the most at-risk group for cavities and tooth decay. A baby tooth has less dentin than adult teeth, which makes it far easier for a cavity to grow until it breaks through into the pulp chamber, cause an infection of the canal which creates severe pain in your child’s mouth. When this happens, a pulpotomy must be performed by your professional children’s dentist in Carson as soon as possible in order to save the tooth. This procedures works to save young teeth by removing the infected matter, and filling the space with a topical medication that works to deliver a low dose of antibiotics and wipe out in the infection at a microscopic level.

Time is of the essence with infections of the tooth, and as such parents should take care to book their son or daughters appointment with their neighborhood children’s dentist in Carson as soon as possible. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff of the Children’s Dental Group put kids first with offices design to be both fun and educational, with specialized care for severe cases. With a pulpotomy from the Children’s Dental Group your child’s smile can be returned to perfect and painless health once more.

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