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Primary teeth – why they’re important in Carson

Pediatric dentist office in Carson
Pediatric dentist office in Carson

Your child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, serve them from early in childhood until the begin to fall out naturally to make room for permanent, or adult, teeth that erupt as your child approaches adolescence. At Children’s Dental Group, we pediatric dentist office in Carson¬†are acutely aware of the important role that primary teeth play, and we’re committed to keeping them strong, healthy, and free of cavities to the greatest extent possible so that they will not have to be extracted early.

As babies start to grow, in come primary teeth, which support the transition from breast milk and/or formula and then baby food to options that require chewing. Teeth are necessary to good speech development, too. And when he or she smiles, those teeth shine through and there isn’t an adult among us who can resist smiling along. None of that would be possible if not for primary teeth. Our pediatric dentist office in Carson wasn’t to help you to get an early start on keeping them from being affected by tooth decay. Part of that is done here with examinations and teeth cleanings every six months, but the rest is up to you. Our pediatric dentist office in Carson will offer valuable advice and guidance regarding nutrition and limiting sugar intake so that dental plaque and tartar will have less opportunity to erode her or his precious tooth enamel, forming cavities. Abscesses and infections that develop with primary teeth can spread to the permanent teeth later, so there is a direct connection between good habits and oral wellness now, and healthy teeth later on.

And since some permanent molars can grow in as late as age 14, it makes even more sense to nurture those essential primary teeth so that they last long enough to promote a smooth change when the time comes. Book an appointment with our pediatric dentist office in Carson to have your child’s teeth looked after properly.

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