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Pedodontist West Carson

Our entire staff here at Children’s Dental Group understands that the first trip to the dentist for your child can inspire some anxiety- both for you and for your child. That is why we have created a welcoming, comfortable environment that is all about smiles and not about frowns. When preparing your child for her or his first dental visit, our West Carson pedodontist is ready to make the experience a joyful one rather than a scary one.

Our office is designed specifically to cater to the needs and concerns of children. With entertainment such as rides, movie theaters, and video games- all of it presented in an atmosphere that is bright and colorful, we are confident that your child will not be scared to go see our West Carson pedodontist. He or she may even wind up looking forward to it.

Children's Dental Office West Carson
Children’s Dental Office West Carson

Before the first visit, It is a good idea to explain to your child what they should expect. Unless she or he is coming in with a toothache or some other specific concern to be addressed, a first visit is typically pain free and nothing to fear. Time and patience is taken to acquaint your child with our West Carson pedodontist and with our staff. The dental exam itself will be thorough, checking physically and with x-rays to detect any possible signs of early tooth decay. In addition, your child’s bite, jaws, and gums will be examined for any abnormalities that need to be addressed. Also part of the visit is a dental cleaning to remove any plaque, tartar, bacteria, or food particles that may be trapped between teeth and between the teeth and gum line.

In addition to the dental exam, our West Carson pedodontist will advise you on the best strategies for you to employ at home in keeping his or her teeth and gums healthy and strong. Before leaving, you will receive a recommended schedule of checkups and discuss such key elements to your child’s dental health as the advantages of fluoride treatments, how to deal with teething, and fostering a diet that supports good dental health.

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