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When it comes to safety of your child, health care is often the first priority, but is dental care always included in your yearly schedule of shots and exams? Children need to be receiving regular dental cleanings and examinations at an early age to stop the spread of many dental diseases and complications, as well as closely monitor the growth of their teeth and bite patterns. A child’s dental health care is never an aspect to be overlooked, and at your local Torrance pediatric dental office of Children’s Dental Group, we make it so easy and safe that you never have to. Our offices are specially designed around the needs of kids, and our staff come especially trained in pediatric dental care, so you know you’re always in good hands.

Dental cleanings every six months go a long way to insure the health of your child’s smile. Plaque will begin to build on teeth just 20 minutes after a meal, and children’s teeth need twice the care for strengthening and growth as adult teeth do. A professional dental cleaning works to remove hardened plaque and calcium build-up which at home brushing and flossing simply cannot take care of on its own. These cleanings can also remove harmful levels of bacteria that exist naturally in your child’s mouth, keeping them at normal levels to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay in children can cause painful cavities, making it difficult for many children to eat properly, and as such healthy diets and eating habits can suffer, which in turn can cause growth problems to occur. With biannual cleanings from your local Torrance pediatric dental office you work to insure that your child’s mouth is healthy for a lifetime.

Pediatric Dental Checkups Torrance
Pediatric Dental Checkups Torrance

Regular dental check-ups twice a year are much more than dental cleanings though. The hygienist of your trusted Torrance pediatric dental office will also examine your child’s mouth for any problems, such as tooth decay, growth of baby teeth, or bite problems. The importance of baby teeth are not to be overlooked, their proper growth and placement determines where their permanent adult teeth will grow in, and thus must be closely monitored to insure the teeth which they will carry for the rest of their lives grow in healthy and correctly. Malocclusions or bite problems can also be detected and treated as early as seven years old, and in doing so can make treatment far easier on both you and your child.

At the Children’s Dental Group our Torrance pediatric dental office is the ideal place for your child to receive their biannual dental cleanings and examinations. Our offices are outfitted with everything from movies to rides to keep them occupied while they wait. The uniquely kid-friendly atmosphere allows them to be comfortable in asking questions and learning about dental hygiene in a fun and educational manner to develop their own healthy oral routine. Our staff at the Children’s Dental Group will work alongside you and your child to help your family maintain smiles that are as healthy as they are beautiful.

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