Torrance Teen Invisalign

Torrance Teen Invisalign

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Teen Invisalign in Torrance

Getting your teen’s teeth straight and properly aligned is very important, and here at Children’s Dental Group we are pleased to offer Torrance Teen Invisalign as the alternative to traditional metal braces.

Teenagers in particular tend to be very conscious of their appearance. It can be a delicate and awkward time of life, and for some teens, the path of getting to a smile they’re proud of is just as uncomfortable. That’s because even though metal braces have become more lightweight, streamlined, and stylish, one thing is certain: everyone will know that he or she is wearing braces. But with our Torrance Teen Invisalign, it’s completely different. It consists of a series of clear aligners made of plastic. As a result, no one knows that she or he is wearing anything unless your child decides to tell them. And the aligners are removable. Take them out for meals and that makes it possible to enjoy any and all foods. With metal braces, there are restrictions. For example, no crunchy foods because they can cause breakage to the braces. Also, no sticky or chewy foods that might get caught up in the braces. Your teen is going to be very happy to know that there are no limits on the foods that he or she can have during the course of treatment. Our Torrance Teen Invisalign is comfortable, as well. Metal may lead to mouth irritation or soreness. There is no such issue when it comes to plastic. Best of all, the power of these aligners to move your child’s teeth into a more ideal position is every bit as good as what metal braces provide.

If you think that your child may benefit from what these clear aligners have to offer, contact our office to arrange an appointment to bring her or him in for a consultation.

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