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West Carson Pediatric Dentist

When was the last time your child asked, “When are we going to the dentist?” Thanks to the Children’s Dental Group of Carson your children will not only want to visit the dentist but may not want to leave.  Located in the South Bay Pavilion at 20700 Avalon Blvd, the staff love children and are trained to make them as comfortable as possible.  Upon entering the colorful reception area you will find a welcoming environment with video games, a robot ride, fun activities and movies to help make your child feel at ease.  Of course it’s not all fun and games and our West Carson pedodontists know that once a mother stops nursing and a child’s diet includes anything besides breast milk, teeth are at risk for cavities.  To evaluate the health of your child’s teeth, mouth and gums, our Carson children’s dental specialists will perform a thorough exam.  These specialists, trained in the latest digital technology, will evaluate your child’s growth to make sure their oral development is on track.

West Carson Children's Dentist
West Carson Children’s Dentist

Cavity prevention is one of the main concerns and our West Carson pediatric dentists discuss the importance of healthy baby teeth with parents and their children. Baby teeth are essential for chewing, biting, speech, and appearance as well as holding space for permanent teeth so it is important to maintain a healthy diet and daily hygiene. The pediatric dentists at Carson, some on staff for over fifteen years, love working with children and have been specifically trained to help them feel safe and calm during their visits.  Some of the expert training techniques even include parental participation for the children’s added comfort.

Pediatric braces and orthodontics are also something to be addressed as children grow. Around the age of 7, the Carson pedodontist will do an exam and recommend the best treatment for your child’s unique situation. For braces, there are several options with Carson pediatric orthodontics and today’s stainless steel braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive with different color elastics that can be changed at each appointment.  Invisalign clear braces are also offered as well as retainers for after the orthodontics are removed.

Educating and involving the community is also very important to the Children’s Dental Group of Carson as they participate in local health fairs, brushing and flossing demonstrations at area elementary schools and oral healthcare presentations at Children’s Centers.  Winning over the Carson area and surrounding communities, Children’s Dental Group was awarded the California Legislature Certificate of Recognition, as well as many other prestigious honors.

A full range of preventive and restorative services are offered at Children’s Dental Group of Carson, as well as oral health instruction for long lasting dental health.  You owe it to yourself and your family to make your child’s next dental appointment at a Carson early dental treatment facility.

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